CSP provides security services for a variety of businesses and industries. We are a woman and veteran owned company that believes in the development of security professionals who understand the specialized needs of your industry.

My name is Stephanie Richards. I currently serve in the United States Military and have for over 13 years. Defending our country against tyranny, terrorism, and any other threat perceived by our nation. The United States Military is one of the most disciplined and professional organizations in the world. My business partner, Mark has many years of law enforcement experience and is a current police officer. Our law enforcement is yet another well developed, highly disciplined and extremely professional organization designed to serve and protect the public against crime and violence. The two combined create an elite association known as County Security Police.

With over 27 years of combined armed and unarmed security experience we have worked to provide a safe and secure environment as well as protection for numerous companies and their various properties. These properties include low-income housing, factories, warehouses, distribution centers, government buildings, schools, corporate and industrial environments and mining industries. Together we have created Community Watch programs and DARE programs along with other special programs along with the Reading Police Department's Vice, Narcotics, Gang and Auto Theft Prevention Task Force's. I am also owner and lead trainer for Companion K-9 Training. I train dogs for family's and Law enforcement use and the K-9's provided by CSP. My military career includes Squad Leader./ Section Sergeant, Honor Guard, Watch Officer, Emergency Response Coordinator for natural disaster response and Intelligence Analyst which includes coordination of troop/ target movement, course of action predictions and intelligence briefings to upper chain of command. All the training that I have received in the U.S. Military served me well over the years and during my more than one year tour in Iraq with the 2/104th Combat Aviation Brigade. This training and experience along with the combined training and experience of Mark Richards as our Chief Operations Officer, will serve us well in providing security for your business by allowing us to assist you in determining what, where, and when the proper security measures should be in place.

Employee safety, public welfare and maintaining millions of dollars in equipment can be overwhelming responsibilities for directors and owners of many of these companies. Hiring a well certified and trusted security company is essential in helping to minimize the stress of these responsibilities while ensuring they are being tended to.

Our Hiring Process:
County Security Police is an equal opportunity employer but we pride ourselves on the hiring of current or prior law enforcement personnel and military veterans. Though CSP does have competitive rates we stand by the philosophy that you get what you pay for.

Our Training Policy:
County Security Police was formed in order to create a security task force that extinguishes the inconsistencies of other security companies while excelling in the following areas of accreditations: First Aid/CPR/AED, Mine Safety, Lethal Weapons training, Act-120 (Police Officer) and Act 235 (Armed Guard) certifications and Canines trained in the art of Personal Protection, Narcotics and Explosives detection. We also believe in site specific intensive and on going training for all of our staff.

County Security Police understands that security needs may change on a daily basis and because of this we feel it imperative to be on site a minimum of one day per week to identify potential problems and solutions. We are also available by phone or e-mail twenty four hours a day.

Our goals at CSP are to bring you the best safety and security needs with competitive rates in the business today. Along with the best personal security services tailored specifically to your business, we would like to have you as a client for many years to come. As your company evolves and grows, we at CSP offer many additional security and safety services in order to meet your ever changing security needs.

Specific questions, concerns or requests should be addressed to the Chief Operations Officer, Mark Richards at (570) 778-3056. We look forward to working with you.

located in New Milford, PA. Susquehanna County. Contact County Security Police at (570) 778-3056 or email us here..
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